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One More Chance Dog Project

Meet our 2 new sisters!

Yes. Meowtown has 2 lovely sisters who are looking for their forever homes. Per our veterinarian Phoebe & Towhee are approximately 7 months old. They were captured out in the woods and taken immediately to the clinic. They have been tested, given vaccines & spayed. Note that they need 1 more shot at the vet but have been deemed "ready for adoption."


The sisters are almost identical with 2 exceptions. Phoebe has a few white hairs on her head, while Towhee has a little black fur on her front toes. They are likely a mix between a black Labrador and a dark pit bull. In the sun they both have a brown cast to the shiny coats.


These sisters' tails NEVER stop wagging. They are very happy, outgoing and working on potty training. They love their toys and we are working on their sitting and shaking paws commands.


Since they have been vetted the fee for each is $150.

Contact Meowtown to set up an appointment to meet them!

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